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 Basic lump sum for seminars

Seminar room with basic infrastructure and two coffee breaks
(1 corkboard, 1 flipchart, 1 beamer)

CHF 38.00 per person per day


Light (two-course)                              CHF     35.00   per person  
Medium (three-course) CHF 45.00   per person  
Top (four-course) CHF 61.00   per person  
Light (three-course)                  CHF    45.00   per person  
Medium (four-course) CHF 61.00   per person  
Top (five-course) CHF 74.00   per person  



 Auxiliary service

If you need additional rooms and/or different intrastructure for a successful seminar, we are happy to provide the necessary service.

Fax             CHF     2.00      per sheet  
Copies CHF 0.30   per sheet  
Film copy CHF 1.50   per sheet  
Facilitator’s toolbox CHF 25.00   per day  
Beamer CHF 50.00   per day  
TV / Video CHF 100.00   per day  
Additional flipchart                    CHF 25.00   per day  
Additional corkboard CHF 25.00   per day  


 Additional group rooms

Room "Wasser" with gallery, 48m2 CHF    300.00   per day  
Room "Feuer", 33 m2 CHF 150.00   per day  
Room "Luft", 42.5 m2 CHF 200.00      per day  
Group rooms with reduced (mobile) infrastructure:  
Room "Toufistube", 39.5 m2         CHF 120.00   per day  
Room "Sichletestube", 44 m2                     CHF 150.00   per day  
Hall "Belle Epoque", 208.8 m2 CHF   400.00   per day  



 Floor plans

Please click the link below to see the floor plans of the individual rooms.

The depicted seating order are meant as a suggestion. According to the room and the number of participants different variations are possible.

We are happy to help you with suggestions and further advice.

Floor plans