Make your own cheese

Make your own cheese

Under the guidance of a local cheese maker, you will get to know the entire production process of a cream cheese. 

Afterwards we show you during a wine tasting which wines go well with the cheese.

When: daily in winter - duration approx. 2 hours.
What: make cream cheese and degust wines.
Price: CHF 48.00 per person
(from 12 persons / only by reservation in advance)


The main building of the Emmental open cheese dairy houses the modern production facilities where the famous Emmentaler AOC is made. Visitors can watch Emmental cheese being made through a large window while listening to information about the modern cheese making process through earphones. A variety of cheese types and Emmental products are available in the dairy shop.

Emmentaler Schaukäserei
Schaukäsereistrasse 6
3416 Affoltern im Emmental
+41 (0)34 435 16 11


Make your own cheese in our Cheese-Factory of the village “Kämpfer”. It is possible to make your own cheese in one afternoon. Minimum amount to book this activity: 5 to maximum 15 persons.

Urs und Ursula Kämpfer
Dorfstrasse 6
3465 Dürrenroth
+41 (0)62 964 10 31