Farm garden

Behind the building Kreuz you will find our beautiful garden. Just enjoy the time while sitting in one of the lounges and soaking up the sun.


Reading tour

In keeping with the motto: "Slow down in the Bären", we already take you on a travel with our rich menu and wine offerings. Now you can even embark on your own personal reading tour through the historic rooms of the Bären.

Far away from the bustle and crowded calendar, here you can find your island to get away from it all. Hotel Bären and guesthouse Kreuz offers 10 reading corners with different themes books. You are free to choose your personal itinerary that leads to peace and inspiration, and let you dive into exciting and amusing stories.


Wine and beer tasting

You have the possibility to try different wines or beers. We give you further information of how the wine or the beer is made and were it comes from in our beautiful old Wine Cellar.

Wine tasting:
- Small tasting: CHF 35.00 per person
(two white wines | two red wines)
- Big tasting: CHF 45.00 per person
(three white wines | three red wines)

Beer tasting:
- Small tasting: CHF 30.00 per person (four beers)
- Big tasting: CHF 40.00 per person (six beers)

Upon request we offer the beer tasting with the tradition of "Stacheln". A hot steal bar is dipped in cold beer and the residual sugar in the beer is caramelised.
Surcharge: CHF 5.00 per person

The tastings are bookable with minimum two participants. As many as desired persons could participate one tasting.
Enjoy during the tasting our homemade tarte flambée (CHF 19.00 per piece) or our "Rotherplättli" (CHF 19.50 per piece) with e selection of cheese and meat from our region. 



« On request, we offer the beer tasting with "spikes". A glowing iron rod is dipped into cold beer.

Due to the fact that the residual sugar in the beer caramelizes, a warm and creamy foam is formed on the beer. The cold beer can then be enjoyed through the warm foam.

Surcharge: CHF 5.00 per person»


Vaulted cellar in the Guesthouse Kreuz

Finish off your evening with a game of billards or table-top football in our vaulted cellar.



Browse through our Gastfreund app and learn interesting facts about your stay and the hotel.



Dorfstrasse 17

3465 Dürrenroth


Dorfstrasse 17

3465 Dürrenroth


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