Emmentaler cheese factory

The Emmental cheese factory is the modern production facility of the famous Emmental AOC. Watch the production of Emmental cheese live through a large ceiling window and receive information about the process of modern cheese production via headphones.

Various types of cheese and Emmentaler products can be bought in the store.

Emmentaler Schaukäserei
Schaukäsereistrasse 6
3416 Affoltern im Emmental
+41 (0)34 435 16 11



Horse carriage

A carriage ride through the Emmental offers the best way to discover the landscape on wheels without any effort. 

Enjoy a carriage ride through the Emmental landscape incl. an aperitif from 95.00 per person.

Tierhof Mühleweg
Untermühleweg 13
3464 Schmidigen-Mühleweg
+41 (0)79 546 62 04


Enjoy a leisurely horse-drawn carriage ride with your group through the hilly landscapes of the Emmental.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • CHF 230.00 per carriage (max. 12 people per carriage)

The carriage can be covered by bad weather.

Familie Nyffeler
Waltrigen 36
3463 Häusernmoos
+41(0)62 96410 72 | www.nyffelerfreiberger.ch


Crime fun

You tackle the crime fun in Wyssachen on foot. It is for master detectives and those who want to become one. The adventure can be played all year round and around the clock. Plan about three hours for the crime detection.

A woman was found lifeless in her apartment in Wyssachen. The victim is Carmen Keller, a young service employee. The evidence suggests that the crime was a homicide. But who could be responsible for the death? Did Carmen Keller have enemies, did she fall in with the wrong people or is there a relationship crime behind the crime?

In this interactive adventure crime thriller you slip into the role of a commissioner of the Bernese cantonal police. You will be assigned to take up the investigation and solve the case. So go in search of clues in Wyssachen. Ask around in the village and in the surroundings of the victim. Maybe you will learn something that will help you and lead you on the trail of the murderer.


Tandem flight

For those looking for an adrenaline kick during their stay, a tandem flight is a great experience. A flight over the hilly landscape of the Emmental at CHF 270.00 per person.



Immerse yourself in the world of Switzerland's most popular biscuit brand at the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen and bake your own biscuit creations with the Maîtres Confiseurs.

  • Duration: 2-3 hours 
  • Number of persons: 2-24 persons
  • Price: CHF 170.00 once for groups of up to 12 people; CHF 340.00 all-inclusive for groups of 13 or more people
  • Registration and informations: www.kambly.ch/anlaesse

Kambly Erlebnis

Mühlestrasse 8

3555 Trubschachen

+41 34 495 02 22 | reservation@kambly.ch



We will introduce you to the secrets of hornussing to loosen up after a stressful seminar or as a special experience during an excursion. You will be impressed!

In a thoughtful and yet dynamic way, there is an alternation between attack and defense, individual performance and team unity. Hornussen, a sport in which everyone, whether young, old, beginner, expert, city dweller or countryman, can participate!

CHF 65.00 per Person

 Sommer Michael
+41 (0)79 408 77 43



Guided brewery tour

Duration: 1½ hour
1 to 2 beers for degustation
Costs: CHF 14.00 per person

Duration: 2½ hour
3 to 4 beers for degustation
Costs: CHF 330.00 per group

Brauerei Napf
Dorf 74J
4942 Walterswil
+41 (0)62 964 02 70 | info@brauerei-napf.ch 



Sausage making

Make delicious Emmental sausage yourself after instruction and demonstration, followed by a short tour of the butcher's shop.

  • Small sausage workshop: CHF 300.00 (with already produced sausage meat)
  • Large sausage workshop: CHF 400.00 (including own production of sausage meat)

The prices are charged per group incl. tasting of the produced sausage.

Stefan Schlüchter
3465 Dürrenroth
+41 (0)62 964 13 40 | stefan.schluechter@feinichoscht.ch 



Cheese making 

In the village cheese factory you will find delicious cheeses as well as the famous mammoth cheese.

For a special experience or social program, the cheese factory offers workshops to make your own cheese.

Price: CHF 35.00 per person

Urs und Ursula Kämpfer
Dorfstrasse 6
3465 Dürrenroth
+41 (0)62 964 10 31 | kaempfer-dorfkaeserei@vtxmail.ch



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Dorfstrasse 17

3465 Dürrenroth


Dorfstrasse 17

3465 Dürrenroth


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